Brunei Darussalam is a small oil-producing nation in South East Asia, with a population of around 420,000. Our customer base includes both the Government as well as the Private sectors.


Our major Government clients:

  • Ministry of Education (University, Colleges & Schools )
  • Ministry of Industry & Primary Resources (Agriculture, Halal Industry & Innovation Centre, Fishery & Forestry)
  • Ministry of Health (Hospitals, Clinics & Scientific Labs )
  • Ministry of Development (Public Works Department, Electrical Services Department)
  • Ministry of Communications (Sultan’s Flight, Civil Aviation Department)
  • Prime Minister's Office (Narcotic Control Bureau)
  • Other Government Departments (Museum Technology)

Our major Private clients:

  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • SME (Small & Medium Enterprises).

Sacammas works closely & directly with the end-users and is at the same time a leading tender & project supplier.